Metsovo Epirus

METSOVO | the lord of the mountains

Characterized as a traditional settlement, Metsovo is amphitheatrically built on one of the most beautiful slopes of the Pindus mountain range, 1150 meters above sea level. Tiled roofs, wooden balconies and stone houses are surrounded by pine trees, firs, oak trees and plane trees. Plenty of water that flows unceasingly from the 25 stone-built fountains, embellishes and completes the whole scenery and creates an enchanting atmosphere.

The center of Metsovo is one of the most famous in mountainous Greece. One of its characteristic features is the sculpture with the two bears where the Ursa Trail (Bear's Trail) begins. UrsaTrail is a 40km long, mountainous, trekking trail (Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe). Its design, organization and infrastructure were carried out according to the standards of the European Ramblers Association for the certification of hiking trails. It passes through historic paths and monuments of particular aesthetics and natural beauty.

The name Ursa comes from the Vlach dialect and signifies bear. The area is a habitat of the brown bear as a large part of its population lives in the mountainous areas of northern and central Pindos. The route leads the hiker into the brown bear's habitat and sensitizes him to protect the species and the environment.

North of Metsovo is the lake of Aoos springs, which is a mountainous artificial lake that combines a unique stream of lakes, natural small lakes and extensive mountain meadows. It covers an area of 11.5 Km2 and is situated at an altitude of 1.350 meters, which classifies it as the most mountainous large lake in Greece. It is located between two National Parks, ValiaCalda and Vikos-Aoos. The shoreline of the lake is large and lacy with beautifully wooded small fjords and many small islands formed inside. The whole scenery exudes the peacefulness and tranquility that someone can only enjoy in an alpine scenery.

The Averof Art Gallery, the Tositsa Folklore Museum, the Katogi Averof Winery, the two monasteries of Theotokos and Agios Nikolaos, the numerous traditional tavernas, souvenir shops and the local products, the famous Tositsa Foundation cheese factory and the Averof Garden are perfectly combined for an unforgettable experience in Metsovo!

EPIRUS | A wild beauty

The wild and romantic mountains of the Epirus region in northwest Greece are a mixture of nature, culture, tradition and taste. Outstanding mountains, hidden bays, enchanting landscapes, peaceful forests, idyllic lakes and ancient civilizations: Epirus has lots of versions.

In Epirus, people seem to become one with nature. Here, between Pindos and the Ionian Sea, you can experience Greece on the borders of civilizations and landscapes. Mountain peaks, gorges, national parks, rare plants and animals, lakes, beaches, rivers and sandy beaches provide the background to the ancient ruins of Dodoni and medieval castles, monasteries, arched bridges and traditional villages.

The experiences of a trip are varied and definitely remain deeply engraved in our memory!

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