The level of difficulty in physical activities is as follows:

Easy Activity

It usually does not exceed a total of 2 hours and there are no technical difficulties

Moderate Activity

Usually, the total duration varies between 2-5 hours. There may be points with some technical difficulties

Difficult Activity

The total duration usually exceeds 5 hours. There are points with technical difficulties and the altitude deviations are great


In all activities, the equipment we recommend is the following: adapted athletic or trekking outfit and a pair of appropriate shoes (according to the weather) plus a backpack containing: a bottle of water of at least 500ml, a light snack (fruit, cereal bar, etc. ), a cap and sun cream (summer), 2nd t-shirt, a waterproof overcoat and fully charged mobile phone in waterproof packaging.

After the activity, depending on the season and the weather conditions, we suggest that you have extra clothes to change including shoes.

Do not hesitate to ask us and we will gladly give you our advice!