Take a deep breath, feel the fresh air, quench your thirst with cool mountain spring water. Discover the unspoiled nature around Metsovo and come and meet all the occult corners of Epirus. With escort of a local guide, we provide private and personalized excursions and promise a unique experience!

Our goal at Go Active is by making a venture in nature, to get involved into a journey of experience, acquaintance and knowledge. By combining physical exercise we want to guide and show our visitors the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the canyons and show them the culture and habits of the locals, to taste local products and to create an unforgettable experience!

Our core values are respect for the environment and mankind. Our first goal is to have a first acquaintance and discussion with our guests so that we can properly assess their individual needs and desires and make our best suggestion.


Our team consists of highly trained people who promise you an unforgettable experience Go Active experience.

LEFTERIS | Ιnstructor /
4x Olympian

I grew up in Metsovo having a carefree childhood. At the age of 19 I moved to my parents in Germany where I attended and graduated from the Physical Education Department of the Technical University of Munich where I was specialized in Athletics and Rowing. I am also a ski coach, a swimming pool lifeguard, I speak English, German and Vlach and I love biking, playing basketball and exploring nature. My great passion is Cross-country skiing, where I participated in four Winter Olympic Games and ranked 29th position in Torino 2006. Some of my other achievements are 17th in a World Ski Cross, 5th in a Roller Ski World Cup, as well as several Nationwide and Balkan victories. I also had the honor of being a flag-bearer of the Greek Olympic mission in two consecutive Olympics (Salt Lake 2002, Torino 2006). Moreover, I was the first torchbearer at the touch of flame for the Olympic Games of Salt Lake 2002. Throughout my active years as an athlete I travelled all over the world, I saw different places and I met my wife Viola with whom we have 3 children. On the whole, I love nature and I like to enjoy it in all its range and at all times.

Go active Metsovo team lefteris

Go active Metsovo team viola

VIOLA | 3x Olympic Champion

I was born in 1976 in Germany, in the Saxony region. My great passion was cross-country skiing, where I won the title of champion of Germany. My biggest successes, however, include winning a gold and a bronze medal at the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics. In the following winter Olympic Games of Torino 2006 I won the silver medal competing with the German team. Meanwhile, during the little spare time that was left, I managed to study and obtain a degree of social worker. I grew up in a natural environment in eastern Germany where contact with nature and physical exercise played an important role in society and people's habits. Walks in the woods, cycling, swimming, skiing and other activities in the wild with my parents filled every minute of the weekends and my leisure time. When my athletic career in cross-country skiing ended, I moved to Metsovo with Lefteris in his homeland. From the first moment I was thrilled by the unspoiled nature and the impressive landscapes of the surrounding area that comfortably compete in natural beauty with other famous places and landscapes in the world. Through walking, cycling, Nordic Walking, skiing, and other outdoor activities with Lefteris, we want to offer our visitors the opportunity to tour and meet the beauty of this place.